ESTER UDDÉN is a Swedish actress. She got her Bachelor degree at The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Malmo in Sweden. After her graduation 2013 she was hired at The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten), which is Sweden's National Theatre. There she took part in many different plays, such as The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov, Tribes by Nina Raine and The Children's hour by Lillian Hellman. In which she has had both leading roles and supporting roles. She worked at The Royal Dramatic Theatre for three years when she decided to move on and explore other theaters. On her resume you can also find theaters as The Uppsala City Theatre, Theatre Without Reactionaires (Turteatern) and the Orion theatre (Orionteatern).

She has also been a part of the ensemble of the critically awarded TV humor show "Partaj" between 2013-2015. The show won the official Swedish television award "The Crystal" for "The Humor program of the year" 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Right now she is back in Stockholm to shoot a TV-series called "Black Lake" (Svartsjön). The series got critically acclaimed last year and is now on its second season. BBC Four bought the show to be aired in the U.K, U.S and Ireland.

Below; Poster from the critically acclaimed play Tribes by Nina Raine at The Royal Dramatic Theatre. In this play Ester had one of the two leading roles - Sylvia. This character was struggling with turning deaf, and so Ester learnt Swedish sign language in order to take on this part.

Tribes, The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten)

Ester Uddén och Christian Dywik

Särskilt imponerar förstås Christian Dyvik och Ester Uddén som Billy och Sylvia, vilkas olika kamp går ut över relationen. Rollerna ser ändå sina problem och är kapabla att lösa dem.
— SvD, Lars Ring
Christian Dyvik and Ester Uddén especially impresses as Billy and Sylvia, in which their struggle affects their relationship. Even so, the characters see their problems and are capable of solution.
— Lars Ring, SvD (Swedish daily newspaper)